Sunday, September 27, 2009

Transcribing Help for a busy Genealogist

I am so excited to find this transcription program! I first heard about it when listening to a “Family History: Genealogy Made Easy” Podcast: Episode 40: Why You Need to Blog and How To Do It Part 1

The Transcript software mentioned by Denise Levenick can be found at

I downloaded the free program yesterday and am amazed at how much easier this is. I am currently working on a land deed for my Willis C. Chandler in Greenville County, South Carolina from 7 January 1845 and have been able to transcribe it in about a fourth of the time it would have typically taken me. Now if I had only listened to my father and taken typing in high school- I’d really be able to get these out fast!

The land deeds I am transcribing can be found online at

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